Nomination Committee
Prepares the slate of candidates for chapter officer positions for approval by the chapter board. Prepares the ballot and candidate biographies for mailing to the membership. Conducts the counting of ballots.

Membership Committee
Oversees membership policies and the membership roster. Develops and conducts membership drives.

Communication Committee
Edits and distributes the chapter newsletter, "News From the Heartland". Manages the Internet Web site. Disseminates relevant information to the chapter membership.

Historical Committee
Collects and maintains information and artifacts related to the establishment and progression of the chapter. Presents historical perspectives of the chapter at regional and National SQA meetings.

Survey Committee
Prepares, collects and evaluates surveys of the chapter membership at the request of the chapter board. Reports results through the newsletter and presentations at regional and national meetings.

Program Planning Committee
Plans meeting program and training topics. Coordinates with the hosts on the site and conduct of the yearly chapter meetings.